Drupal Meetup – A Learning and Career Network for Filipino Drupal Developers, a leading website management platform, hosted a Drupal meetup with last February 13, 2016 in Makati City, Philippines.

The main goal of the innovative meet up was to cover advanced topics in optimization and Drupal’s best practices required to build highly scalable websites. Hosting and infrastructure topics were also discussed during the said event.

The event was a perfect blend of fun and learning, and was attended by more than 20 participants. It was a great opportunity for the attendees to network and share their views on career prospects in Drupal. After the training sessions, the meet up served as a recruiting venue for Drupal and WordPress developers for

Brian MacKinney, Developer Training Manager at taught how to fine-tune and optimize Drupal–based sites. MacKinney also tackled Drupal hosting and infrastructure. And Tim Wooten, Customer Success Engineer at Pantheon, conducted a demo of the Pantheon dashboard.

Rachel Jaro, Founder of Koodi, a Pampanga-based web development company for startups, said, "It was nice to meet the Pantheon team once again. Our visitors flew from the US and Taiwan just for this so we were extremely thankful for their support to the local community.There are more plans coming up for events with Pantheon so make sure to keep in touch in our Facebook group."

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