Web Development for Beginners: Get a Website Live in Hours (FREE Webinar)

Have you ever thought of creating your own blog and write about things you are passionate about? Are you a student programmer who is looking for ways to fast track and apply your web design skills? Or a freelancer who needs a website up and running fast and cheap? 

There are tons of books and expensive courses online that you can waste hours upon hours.  Most, of which you probably really don’t need at this stage. If you are just dabbling in to web development, if you are just testing out if this is something that is beneficial to you or for your business, or if you’d like to know if this is something that is worth your time, you need a course that is snappy, straightforward, and practical. 

Thankfully, DigitalFilipino.com, the leading e-commerce learning platform in the country agreed to partner with us to create and deliver the Ecommerce Developers Course for Entrepreneurs - an essential web development course that will teach you how to create a basic, full-functional ecommerce website from scratch at a fraction of the cost. And the best part? It comes with a free module, in which, by finishing this module alone, you can create a basic website with a blog page that is ready use to promote your services – perfect for service-based freelancers like copywriters, bloggers, web designers, programmers, coaches, and other digital experts.

The first lesson, which covers HTML and CSS Basics, will walk you through 5 essential steps to create your first website. 

FREE Module 1: HTML / CSS
Lesson 1: Design basics (tools/terminology, colors, fonts logo, spacing, basic page)
Lesson 2: Working on the layouts (creating sections, floats, add product pages, working on images, framework, responsive)
Lesson 3: Basic widgets (zoom, social media meta tags, analytics), Accepting orders (create order, payment, thank you, contact form), Customer Service Tools (Live Chat, Email marketing, CRM)
Lesson 4: SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Security Checklist, QA test, SMTP tools, SSL

The first module is divided into 5 easily navigable sections with clear, engaging video tutorials, handouts, and exercises. 

The whole course has 3 modules, but since it’s that time of the year when giving and sharing is almost mandatory, the first module is yours for taking! Completely free, no hassle, no need to purchase the whole course. Just sign up, watch the webinar and see for yourself if taking the entire course is for you. 

The training is taught by Rachel Jaro, Founder of Koodi, with the help of Ms. Janette Toral, Founder of DigitalFilipino.com. Rachel has been building websites since forever and loves teaching people how to do the same. 

You can watch the first module by clicking this link - http://ecommercebootcamp.digitalfilipino.com/lesson/html-css-design-basics/

If you’d like to know more about the Ecommerce Developers Course for Entrepreneurs, go here -http://ecommercebootcamp.digitalfilipino.com/course/e-commerce-developer...