We organized Drupal Camp Manila 2016!

DrupalCamp Manila is an annual event where all professional Drupal developers, enthusiasts, and students from different schools and universities gather to showcase learning and celebrate interest in Drupal and in the Drupal Community.

The theme for this year is ​"Building stronger development community".

Drupal, with its 8th version released, is a Free Software tool to ease the development of web applications. Due to its versatility and power, its usage is growing in web projects of all kinds — from big industries to small companies.

This event is being celebrated by several countries worldwide to show their support to Drupal which actively participated by New Jersey, Mumbai, South Wellington, Phoenix, London, Pune, Ottawa, Austin, Stanford and Amsterdam. Last May 7­ to 8, Manila is one of those cities that participated in the biggest Camp of Web Developers in the world to be hosted by Drupal Pilipinas and Koodi Systems.

The first day is full of informative sessions, inspiring keynotes, social events, BOFs, usability testing and more.

The second day is full of workshops and hands-on trainings for beginners to advance skills.